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Panthic Awaaz
- the highest circulated punjabi newspaper in Mumbai.

Panthic Awaaz is a new independent Sikh community monthly newspaper published from Navi Mumbai since April 2010 and endeavours to become a world publication with multiple editions from wherever there is a pre-dominant Sikh population. It seeks to redefine the idiom of Sikh approach and focus to Sikh issues. Civil and political, religious, social and economic interests of the Sikh community and human rights are prime areas of focus for Panthic Awaaz newspaper. Panthic Awaaz sticks to a set of positive values in both in-depth reporting news and insightful analysis.

Most major Media houses in India are either run by the state or sections of the financial elite; they dutifully serve their owners agendas and often neglect their obligations towards their readers, and mostly end up as just propaganda tools. Sections of news media that appear partial to big corporations and advertisers are not just a local problem, but a global one. They allow a select few to buy the image they want to project of themselves to the public or to cover up acts of omission or commission-or worse-committed by them. A case in point of media misdemeanor, is the ‘paid news’ controversy that was brought up in the Indian parliament fairly recently.

The primary purpose of Panthic Awaaz is to be a counterweight to biased and committed news media. It is run by independent volunteers, purely through donations from its readers/patrons and without a profit motive. Moreover, it is totally void of political support / patronage and thus committed to the core values of honesty and integrity owing it’s loyalty to its readers/ subscribers and to the common man.

Panthic Awaaz is essentially a cooperative project that aptly demonstrates that it’s possible to serve the people without money motives or other self-serving objectives. The prevailing ideology today that dominates vast segments of media seems to be profit oriented and not service centric, as it ought to be. If we seek real change, this ideology must be tackled head-on. Panthic Awaaz aspires to be a part of such a change. It calls upon the youth, particularly Sikh youth, to join it and be active partners in bringing about this change.

Editor-in-chief: Harbhajan Singh
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